About Me

So who am I?

Yes, I am a widow, but I am also mom to three great daughters: the oldest, married and out on her own; the middle, a college senior; and the baby, a college sophomore. My empty nest is emptier than I ever imagined.

I am  mom to three pets: Kitty Girl (a sweet, energetic, petite thing also known as Hijinks because of her antics), Tiger, (a bossy scared-y cat who terrorizes the dog with just his stare); and Buddy, a Shepherd/ Dachshund mix (yes, that is correct) who is the object of Tiger’s perpetual contempt.

I am also a doctor, and I know all too well how lives can change forever within minutes. Car accidents, cancer patients, farm traumas, and heart attacks all taught me to live in the moment and enjoy each day as it came. To be honest, though, I forgot all that as soon as my husband got sick – at first all I could think about was what might happen next.

Fortunately, God gave us almost six months. We forgave each other all big and little real or perceived wrongdoings from over the years, and wondered why we hadn’t done that sooner. We tried not to go to sleep at night without making sure the other was ok. Quite a change from years before, when we could go for days being mad at each other!

I also have a Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministry, and was fortunate enough to use that degree right in my own church. I got to work with parishioners of all ages: teaching, facilitating, organizing and even doing some spiritual direction. I also released two CDs of guided meditations that I use to pray when I can’t do it by myself (you can find them on Amazon.com).

Anyway, this gives you an idea of who I am. No matter how my life changes, I realize Neil is still part of the very fabric of my life. He is always with me, and so is God.

I am never alone.