Sometimes The Best Prayers Are The Unexpected Ones

I didn’t start out to pray. I just wanted some exercise to help settle the thoughts that swirled in my head. I decided to walk the old train track trail behind my house, where it follows the river along the cliffs. I was not in a hurry, and took my time. Gradually my breathing slowed to match the easy rhythm of my pace. And then something wonderful happened.

I saw God on my walk that day.

I saw a row of geese floating together silently downstream. Near the edge of the water, I saw a patch of purple flowers poking their brave little heads up through the cold hard ground. It reminded me that God accompanies us even in in the hardest of times. I saw a vibrant bluebird on a bare winter tree, and just past it, a lovely yellow field of daffodils in the middle of the dark woods. I remembered how God can bring us joy even in the dark winters of life.

And then something else happened. I heard God on my walk that day. I heard the  water as it rushed over the rocks in the river. A little later, I heard an unseen squirrel darting in the woods between the trees, crunching dry winter leaves underfoot. I remembered God’s voice is sometimes strong and powerful, but just as often, it’s an unseen whisper.

And then, I felt God in the towering strength of bamboo forest that lined the path, in the constancy of the ground beneath my feet, and in the refreshing chill of the winter air on my face. Yes, God is the constant strength on whom we can always rely to refresh our weary hearts.

And, finally, I tasted God in the single raindrop I caught on my tongue and I breathed Him in through the musty fragrance of the woods and dirt. I felt his love as ever present as the air I breathe.

And to think I could have missed it. So next time you go for a walk, look for God along the way!


  1. Hi Colleen, Your post reminded me of a similar experience. As a caregiver for my husband and my mom along with working full time, my “time out” is infrequent and precious. I had a free hour one day so I decided to go to a little park in town that has a walk surrounding a circular lake. I saw two families of ducks with their little ones and it was just so refreshing to be reminded that life renews continuously, that it is joyous, that it is from God, and it is to be treasured each and every day.

  2. It’s very comforting to know that God is always with us, no matter where we are. All we need to do is breathe in the awareness of the presence of the Spirit and peace follows. That’s GRACE!

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